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  • Flytec 3040 Balloon Instrument - New instrument package for balloons with altimeter, variometer, and remote temperature sensor.

  • DigiTool Instruments Products - The DBI is a small, rugged and easy attachable instrument for use onboard hot-air balloons. It measures altitude, rate of climb and top as well as ambient temperature. Includes barograph. The top temperature is acquired via a small wireless transmitter fitted to the top part of the envelope. FAA certified. Based in Sweden.

  • Ballooning Equipment for Hire - Aerostationery offers transponders, barographs, and night flying lights for hire.

  • Blue Sky Avionics LLC - Manufacturer of modern instruments for ballooning. Has taken over hot air balloon instruments from Ball. Also source of many accessories.

  • FlyTec USA - The exclusive North American distributor of Flytec variometers, wind indicators, GPS's and other instruments.


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