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  • FlightStat Pulse Oximeter - Check for in-flight hypoxia by monitoring your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate with the FlightStat Pulse Oximeter. The only aviation-specific pulse oximeter available today and does not require a prescription! The compact, self-contained unit slips onto your finger and within seconds displays reliable data.

  • Stumpf Balloons - Catalog of ballooning accessories such as droplines, quick-releases, pouches, night light systems, watches, wind gauges and more.

  • Airstar - Inventor of the lighting balloons industry. Super bright internally lit balloons provide bright diffused lighting. Plus, AIRSTAR is manufacturing any kind of special helium/air balloons.

  • Balloon Cable Wranglers - Heavy duty leather cable wranglers prevent twisted, snagged, tangled envelope cables. Fit any balloon with carabiners, the photo is worth a thousand words.

  • Brief Relief by American Innotek Inc. - Solutions for long flights with no onboard restrooms. Disposable urinal bags and other special products.

  • Carrington Performance Fabrics - Fabric producer for most British balloons discusses their use in record setting balloons. Now owned by British Millerain.

  • In The Air -- Equipment - Drop lines, compasses, wind gauges, magnetic chase crew signs, storage pouches, training books, you get the idea -- ballooning stuff!

  • Kevlar Fiber - Kevlar brand fiber is an innovative technology from DuPont that combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer and industrial products. Lightweight and flexible, KevlarŪ has evolved over four decades of innovation to do everything from homes and vehicles to helping land spacecraft on Mars. Used in balloon suspension cables and some balloon load tapes.

  • Mountain High Portable Aviation Oxygen Systems - 1 to 4 person oxygen systems for cross country pilots. The XCR (Cross Country Racer), a light-weight, compact, high-duration oxygen system for competition and/or personal goals.

  • Nomex Fabric - DuPont is committed to protecting people with innovative Nomex brand fiber. From first responders to industrial workers and racecar drivers, Nomex brand fiber provides superior protection to meet your safety needs. Frequently used on balloon scoops and at the bottom of envelopes.

  • SkyOx Portable Oxygen Systems For Aircraft - Variety of oxygen systems for flying, plus many accessories. Information on their use and duration. Oxygen is required for flying over 12,500 feet msl for 30+ minutes, or over 14,000 at all times.

  • Squeeze EZ Patented Balloon Deflation Aid - Tool designed for easy deflation of balloons. Popular with crews for helping them deflate quickly with less work.

  • The Quik-Release - Holds your balloon in place until you want to launch, no matter what wind conditions you face. Each Quik-Release is tested to over 3500# of pull during it's manufacture. By Wisconsin Aerostation, with great pictures showing how it works.

  • Viosport Helmet Cam - Lightweight video sensor attaches to hat or helmet and connects to camcorder, protecting camcorder from damage and minimizing weight on your head (4.5 ounces). Ideal for balloon race videos or training videos. High quality images, works with most camcorders.

  • All Terrain Survival System - A small, 15 oz. device that clips to your belt. If you are lost, pull the tab and automatically a mylar balloon inflates, rises 100 feet and its bright metallic colors can be seen for miles and reflect radar from search planes.

  • Banyan Pilot Shop - Discount source for GPS, handheld aircraft radios (ICOM, JHP, Yaesu), and pilot supplies.

  • Portable Pulse Oximeter - Sells handheld and finger pulse oximeters, to track oxygen levels in your blood. Could be helpful if flying at higher altitudes.


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