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  • Nazca Balloon Project - In 1974, Julian Nott and Jim Woodman built a balloon from native cotton and reed to prove the Inca's could have used balloons to design the giant drawings in the desert of Peru. Pictures from building and flying it.

  • The Great British Long Jump - Any balloonist worth their salt is surely going to eventually yearn to fly as far as they can. In true british style, there's a long-running contest at the end of the commercial flying season. The winner is the pilot who flies the longest straight line distance within the British Isles during the month of October.

  • Dawn Patrol History - Dawn Patrol flights launch in the dark, and fly until sunrise, landing in daylight. Learn how it started in 1978, what it's like to fly a balloon in the dark, and where you can see a dawn patrol flight this year.

  • Counties Challenge - A competition for the longest hot air balloon flight within the boundaries of a county in the United Kingdom. Rules, details, and results back to 1993.

  • Nazca Article from Ballooning Magazine - Article on the Nazca balloon flight in Peru, solving one of the great puzzles of Inca civilization.

  • Portugal Hot Air Balloon Transcrossing - 25 balloons were drifting from Braganza in the north of Portugal to the Algarve in the south. Teams from Belgium, England, Germany, Kenya, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA were present.

  • The Chrysler Transatlantic Balloon Race - A race across the Atlantic Ocean from the United States to Europe. 5 roziere balloons carried a crew of two across the Atlantic to Europe (or Africa) in 1992. First to Europe wins the race...

  • The Voyager and the Alkro Bylight - Flying with a compact Cameron Voyager system and a folding moped on board for the retrieve. How to fly without crew, this is an article by Glen Everett from the Aerostat, August 2003.

  • Balloon Flying in Thailand by Gary Mortimer - Our trip to Thailand had been long awaited. My wife Karin had bought the maps and books and even packed we were off. The balloon was ready at Thunder and Colt with a heavy duty basket tailor...


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