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  • - Smaller, one-person balloons are covered in detail. A Cloudhopper is a single-person hot-air balloon. There is no basket: the pilot wears a harness that is attached to the balloon, with a fuel tank and burner situated behind him or her. Lots of pictures, reports from flights and solo-balloon festivals, review of balloon manufacturers, and why you'd want a cloudhopper.

  • Cloudhoppers.Org - Broad collection of articles and pictures for anything Hopper or Duo Chariot related. Covers solo balloon history, meets, a forum, a registry, even building your own.

  • Hoppermania 2003 - Ten cloudhoppers flying together as part of Albuquerque's Fiesta. Tons of pictures, names of pilots, and 2 highlights slideshows. Very colorful.

  • Cameron UK - SkyHopper - Details of Cameron's third generation one-man balloon. There is no basket - the pilot is strapped into a seat attached to a simple frame that carries the fuel tank. Manufacturer's specs.

  • Cameron US - SkyHopper - Details, pictures, and specs for Cameron's one person balloon design (cloudhopper). Accepts any standard fuel tank and any hopper or standard envelope up to 42K.

  • History of Cloudhoppers - History of the development of the cloudhopper concept over the last 25 years. Includes SkyChariot, Airchair, and Duo-chariots. Focuses on the changes in design over time, and why they were made.

  • History of the Small Balloon - Article by Glen Moyer on the development and use of one man balloons.

  • Homebuilding Cloudhoppers - Highlights projects by individuals to build their own hopper systems. Has examples of building both hopper envelopes and bottom ends. Multiple design concepts.

  • Lindstrand USA - CloudHopper - Product details and lots of pictures of Lindstrand's new cloudhopper design for solo flight. Good descriptions and history of one person designs.

  • Solo Balloons - Page dealing with small balloons and solo systems, particularly experimental and ultralight.

  • Ultramagic Solo Cloudhopper - New hopper design includes burner gimballing and full fuel system redundancy at a nice price. Uses turning vents instead of a spinning ring. Good photos and description.

  • - Scroll down past the unrelated special shape stuff, and there are pictures of a half-dozen chariot bottom ends. These are basketless designs that seat two side-by-side, similar to a ski lift.


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