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  • Susan Genett's Real Weather - Knowledgable weather consultants advise pilots on special flights. Forecasting for long jumps, trans-oceanic flights, balloon races and festivals, and gas ballooning. The head forecaster is also a balloon pilot!

  • The Flying Kettle Project - The Flying Kettle Project - balloons and airships filled with steam! Pictures of the experiments, descriptions of the theory of lifting a balloon with steam instead of gas or hot air.

  • Paraglider launching from Balloon - Photos showing Dave Prentice launching a custom paraglider from a hot air balloon at altitude.

  • Cluster Balloon Flight Page - Solo flight with multiple smaller helium-filled balloons. Have you ever dreamed of being carried into the sky by a giant bouquet of colorful toy balloons? That's the idea here, all about how to do it, pictures, and John Ninomoya's schedule of launches at festivals.

  • BBC News - Balloonists helped by Gagarin's team - Boris Mikhajlov, the man who designed the pressure suit for Yuri Gargarin, the first man in space designs suit for around the world balloon attempt.

  • Dropping Hang Gliders From Balloons - Article reviewing several record setting hang glider flights launching from hot air balloons.

  • Early Hot Air Ballooning in Australia - This covers the revival of HA Ballooning in Australia around 1960. Building, flying, crashes. Large section on flight theory and airships.

  • History of the Small Balloon - Article by Glen Moyer on the development and use of one man balloons.

  • One Man Meet - Reviews of the annual fall festival for solo balloons like cloudhoppers. Typically held in England. Event details.

  • Smoke Ballooning - Peter Krieg, the only smoke balloonist in the world, performed this ascent in Hudson, Wisconsin in February 1998. Pictures and text document each step.

  • Solar Balloons - Pictures, history and theory of solar balloons. Includes pure solar balloons and some modern compromises.

  • Solar Balloons : Yahoo! Groups - Solar balloon discussion group for learning more about solar balloons (hot-air balloons that are heated by the sun).


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