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  • America's First Space Capsule - The Piccard Gondola was used to break high-altitude flight records in the 1930s. Pictures and the story.

  • Auguste & Jean Piccard - Aeronautical Learning Library article on the lives of these high-altitude balloon pioneers who first designed high-altitude balloon capsules in the 1930s.

  • Ballooning World Records - Official FAI site listing all current balloon and airship world records. World records for distance, duration, and altitude, plus women's world records.

  • British Balloon and Airship Records - Official list of current British Balloon and Airship Club world records. PDF file of Sporting Handbook tells whose done what.

  • Explorer II - Launched on November 11, 1935, from the Stratobowl near Rapid City, South Dakota, Explorer II carried Albert Stevens, Orvil Anderson, and an assortment of instruments to a world record altitude of 72,395 feet.

  • First pressurized cabin for a hot air balloon - In 1974, Nott and Roger Munk design the world's first hot air balloon with a pressurized cabin. Nott pilots it to a world record altitude of 45,836 feet.

  • Hot Air Altitude Record Flight in 1980 - In 1980, Nott builds the world's second pressurized cabin for a hot air balloon, designed with Roger Munk, and pilots it to 55,134 feet from Longmont, Colorado.


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