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  • Construction d'un ballon à gaz - Construction traditionnelle d'un ballon à gaz à filet. Cool project to homebuild a gas balloon in France. Tons of detail and description, includes drawings and plenty of detailed photos. They even built their own basket. Site is written in French only.

  • Gas - Website dedicated to providing information about flying gas balloons. It provides information, reference books and general reading on gas ballooning. Also pictures of gas balloons.

  • Parabounce! - Solo gas hang balloon system with two long tethers lets you leap tall buildings, defy gravity, and just have fun. Rent, buy, or look up a location near you to try it out.

  • Tons O' Fun - Gas balloon news, around the world race links.

  • Aerostation et Ballon à Gaz - French gas ballooning association, founded in 1901 as a non-profit. Charming site, lots of details on gas ballooning in France, including events, history, and pictures. Written entirely in French. Le site de l'association aerostation et ballon a gaz, de la montgolfière, du ballon à gaz.

  • Ballonbau Woerner Augsburg Germany - Leading manufacturer of gas balloons, tethered balloons (Double Flyer)and special equipment.

  • Gas Ballooning - 1998 flight by Danni Suskin and Peter Cuneo in Don Piccard's old Navy gas balloon is documented in pictures showing every step.

  • America's Challenge Race - Gas balloon race held annually in Albuquerque since 1995. The inaugural race broke distance records dating back to 1912. Complete info on the upcoming race, plus past years' results and gas balloon pictures.


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