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  • The Early Years of Sport Ballooning - An affectionate look at hot-air sport balloons in the 1960s and 1970s. Focus is on differences among different manufacturers' products, and differences between early hot-air balloons and those available today. There's a lot of info here not available elsewhere on the web. Photos of obscure builders' balloons. Recommended.

  • USAF Museum - Japanese Balloon Bombs in WWII - Japanese balloon bombs of WWII - USAF Museum display. How the Japanese use balloon bombs to reach the US coast.

  • Flight Without Wings: Balloonists - History of ballooning concentrating on the development of the principles involved and details of early flights. Starts long before the Montgolfier brothers are born.

  • Nazca Balloon Project - In 1974, Julian Nott and Jim Woodman built a balloon from native cotton and reed to prove the Inca's could have used balloons to design the giant drawings in the desert of Peru. Pictures from building and flying it.

  • Dawn Patrol History - Dawn Patrol flights launch in the dark, and fly until sunrise, landing in daylight. Learn how it started in 1978, what it's like to fly a balloon in the dark, and where you can see a dawn patrol flight this year.

  • A Brief History of Ballooning - A fun easy to read piece on how ballooning started and grew to what it is today, from Virgin Balloon.

  • A Short History of Ballooning - Bristol University Hot Air Balloon Society outlines the origins of ballooning.

  • Abbreviated history of ballooning - Balloonzone's concise time-line of ballooning's early history.

  • Airtime Balloon Co. History of Ballooning - An engaging summary of the origins of ballooning, from the invention of the first hot air balloon to the beginning of the modern era.

  • America's First Space Capsule - The Piccard Gondola was used to break high-altitude flight records in the 1930s. Pictures and the story.

  • Ancient Chinese Technology - Miniature Hot Air Balloon - Chinese globe lanterns made of paper or eggs shells were being flown as miniature hot-air balloons as early as the second century.

  • Auguste & Jean Piccard - Aeronautical Learning Library article on the lives of these high-altitude balloon pioneers who first designed high-altitude balloon capsules in the 1930s.

  • Ballooning over Thebes (Egypt) - In the early 1980s, and again in 1996-1997, the Theban Mapping Project made extensive use of hot-air balloons to take aerial photographs of the monuments at Thebes. They were perfect for our purposes...

  • Balloons Rest In Peace - A collection of old hot-air-balloons that are not in use anymore. They are kept in good condition by inflating and putting them up at least once a year. If you have a balloon that's out of use, get more info on donating it to the collection. Based in the Netherlands, site in English, Dutch, and French.

  • Coupe Gordon Bennet Race Tragedy - A dozen articles chronicling the Belarus military shooting down the gas balloon flown by Alan Fraenckel and John Stuart-Jervis in the international Gordon Bennett Race despite the Belarus government granting the balloon entry into its airspace.

  • Don Piccard - 50 Years - Don Piccard's list of firsts is impressive - and almost endless. So start's Peter Stekel's detailed story on an amazing balloonist in this Balloon Life article.

  • Don Piccard - Balloonmeister - September 1998 - Short biography of Don Piccard's amazing life by Tom Hamilton, as published in Balloon Life magazine.

  • Double Eagle II - National Air & Space Museum article on the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by balloon.

  • Early Hot Air Ballooning in Australia - This covers the revival of HA Ballooning in Australia around 1960. Building, flying, crashes. Large section on flight theory and airships.

  • Explorer II - Launched on November 11, 1935, from the Stratobowl near Rapid City, South Dakota, Explorer II carried Albert Stevens, Orvil Anderson, and an assortment of instruments to a world record altitude of 72,395 feet.


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