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  • Astronomical Ballooning - Center for Astrophysics/ University of Arizona uses high altitude gas balloons to launch telescopes.

  • Auguste & Jean Piccard - Aeronautical Learning Library article on the lives of these high-altitude balloon pioneers who first designed high-altitude balloon capsules in the 1930s.

  • Ballooning over Thebes (Egypt) - In the early 1980s, and again in 1996-1997, the Theban Mapping Project made extensive use of hot-air balloons to take aerial photographs of the monuments at Thebes. They were perfect for our purposes...

  • NASA's Scientific Ballooning Program - How NASA uses unmanned helium balloons to test new technologies and payloads for the space program.

  • Raven Industries' Final Report to the U.S. Navy - This is the exact report Ed Yost presented to the Office of Naval Research in 1963, at the conclusion of a program that resulted in the invention of the modern hot-air balloon. Describes early research on fabrics, temperature distribution, details of early flights, much more.

  • SULLOON - Project to design a free-flying solar powered balloon. Several protoypes have been flown tethered.

  • StratoCat - Stratospheric balloons, history and present - Historical compilation on the use of stratospheric balloons for scientific research, military projects, and aerospace. Includes current launches, analysis of past high altitude balloon projects, and links to many related resources. In English and Spanish.

  • The Bulbous Gore Tetroon - Unique design for ultra high altitude balloons based on equilateral triangles.


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