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  • Hot Air Balloon Simulator - Compete against world balloonists in virtual sky. Keep in shape regardless of outdoor weather.

  • Earthmate™ GPS Receiver - High performance GPS combined with DeLorme mapping software tracks your position on laptop computers or handheld computers. The chase will never lose you now!

  • The Amazing Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver - The Windows screen saver for the hot air balloon enthusiast. This screen saver shows an image of a hot air balloon floating across your computer screen. You can select from a variety of balloon images or customize the screen saver using a photo of your favorite balloon.

  • Hot Air Pilot 2000 - Hot air balloon flight simulator. Several different scenarios to explore, most competition related. This flash-based program is on a CD sold by Discover Balloons.

  • Balloon Builders Journal CD - The Balloon Builders Journal Compendium CD contains 374 pages of technical data for the amateur builder. The CD contains all issues of the Journal that was published between 1993 and 1998. Additional articles and opinion are added to the CD.

  • Cascoly Screensaver / Clipart Collections: Vol 23: Hot Air Balloons - Royalty free photographic images of spectacularly colored hot air balloons from the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. 800x600 JPG images you can use in your programs, wallpaper, newsletters, web pages or screensavers.

  • DeLorme Topo USA 4.0 - Software lets you create and print customized topographical maps. Complete US data set on CD or DVD. Even lets you add your own roads and landmarks.

  • FlyChart 4.0 - Barograph charting and display software from Flytec. Download here for Windows 3.X and Windows 95.

  • Review of Hot Air Balloon Simulator from Golden Eagles - Review of the new Wind Riders Hot Air Balloon Simulation Kit for FS2002. Reviewer Andrew Herd gives a detailed examination of this software and how it could be used to hold a virtual online balloon meet.

  • Balloon Website Graphics - Several free .gif images of balloons to be used on your website. Will also design custom animated balloon images.

  • PowerSim Hot Air Balloon Websimulator - The Hot-air Balloon Websim puts you in the basket of a balloon. Your task is to get the balloon airborne, take it for a flight across the sky, and then perform a perfect landing at the correct spot! Nobody said it was easy...

  • Virtual Reality Lab: Hot Air Balloon Simulator - An incomplete project to build a simulator. Outlines techniques, problems and goals.


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