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  • HotAir.TV -- Ballooning Videos - Hot air ballooning DVD's and videos for pilots, crew members and enthusiasts. See online footage of flying through the Delaware Water Gap, the thrills and spills of an AIBF Key Grab, and other balloon festivals.

  • - Nova documentary video covers three around the world flight attempts by Piccard, Fossett, and Branson in 1997.

  • - This program follows a team of three adventurers as they attempt to make a journey around the world by balloon, depending on the jetstream to propel them.

  • On a Wind and a Prayer - Historical Documentary over the Japanese Balloon Bomb Offensive on North America in 1944/5. Website has viewable clips from the film, plus images and insight.

  • Phantom Productions Balloon Event Videos - Offering videos for several ballooning events in Texas, Mexico, Maryland and Virginia.

  • Phantom Productions, hot air balloon videos - Phantom Productions, Inc. in Austin, Texas offers hot air ballooning videos and has a catalog for mail ordering. Includes crew training vdeos, balloon festival videos, and some that show the beauty and all aspects of flying. See online clips of each.

  • Beyond the Forecast weather video - A CBS TV station video for the "Beyond the Forecast" weather series, starring Colin Graham of Roanoke, Virginia. The graphics show how a balloon rises and descends to change direction that are very well done, tieing into how these same winds also steer clouds and storms.

  • Flying The Blimp - Nova video explores the history of airships, flying the Goodyear Blimp, and the exciting new airships just coming out. Emphasis on Santos Dumont.

  • Hot Air Balloon Review: Balloon Chasing Video - A short online video about a woman who spots a few balloons flying in California and spontaneously goes chasing them with her camcorder. Along the way she works in a discussion of her own balloon ride.

  • Morbid Eye Pictures - We are crazy for Filmmaking, Editing, Special Effects, Thrillers and music! We Produce, Direct and Cut Movies including our 1997 music video Extreme featuring a balloon theme that is artificially generated.


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