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  • Reporting An Accident to the NTSB - Federal regulations require operators to notify the NTSB immediately of aviation accidents and certain incidents. Here's the how to instructions and downloadable reporting forms.

  • Airman Appeal Process - Chart gives step by step details for each level of appealing a certificate action.

  • NTSB Accident Synopses and Database - Summaries for most of the aviation accidents the NTSB has investigated since 1983. In a searchable database that's updated daily.

  • NTSB Legal Matters - Directory to all NTSB legal issues and procedures. Filing appeals, denied medical certificates, case processing tips, text of relevant laws. The NTSB serves as the court of appeals for any airman or mechanic when certificate action is taken by the FAA or civil penalties are assessed.

  • National Transportation Safety Board - Official NTSB information pages including safety recommendations and publications. The NTSB investigates aircraft accidents in the US and suggests safety improvements. They are also the court of final appeal for FAA pilot violations.

  • PART 831--ACCIDENT/INCIDENT INVESTIGATION PROCEDURES - Text of US law on aviation accident investigations by the NTSB. Includes pilot reporting requirements.

  • Part 821 Rules of Practice In Air Safety Proceedings - NTSB laws governing how they conduct investigations, legal proceedings, appeals and more.


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