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The Balloon Mailing List

One of the best ways to receive timely information and participate in discussions on ballooning is through the Balloon Mailing List. You should be prepared to receive plenty of mail. There are currently about 1200 people on the list, a number of whom are silent. The group discusses topics in relation to Lighter Than Air aircraft, including Hot Air Balloons, Gas Balloons, Airships, and Hot Air Airships. There have been factual posts, requests for advice/information and reports from around the world at ballooning events.

To Join or Quit the list follow these simple steps:

To join the list go to the website:

And type your email address into the first box on the page. Click Subscribe just below. You'll get an email notice you have to reply to. That's all there is to it. Remember, you may receive quite a bit of mail.

There is often a lag when you send your very first message before it gets approved. Be patient. After that they go through immediately.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, go back to:

And type your email address into the LAST box on the page & click unsubscribe. Please be sure you are sending the unsubscribe request from the same account you want unsubscribed!

The Balloon Mailing List is maintained by John Craparo at the International Aeronauts League and is not part of Blastvalve. This page is provided as a convenience to balloonists.

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