Blastvalve Privacy Policy

Blastvalve does not collect any personal information from most visitors.

If you submit a site to be listed in the ballooning directory, the name and email address you submit will be stored in the database along with your website information. These are saved until your site is deleted from the ballooning directory, and are automatically deleted at the same time. I use the name and email address to contact website owners about the status of their listing, and if there are any questions about it. For example, when a new site is added to the ballooning directory, an email is usually sent to the person who submitted the site letting them know I've added it and how the listing reads.

A website statistics program is used on Blastvalve to track how many visitors there are, which pages are most popular, and so forth. The name of the program is Google Analytics. The website hosting company may also track site statistics.

Cookies may be placed on your computer by the statistics program to track how often you visit the site. If you use the BalloonCast or other weather programs on Blastvalve, cookies are placed on your computer to remember which options you chose. This is so the weather menus can automatically display the same options on a future visit.

This policy was written on May 6, 2011. As new services are added to Blastvalve, it is possible this privacy policy will be updated. If so any changes will be posted here.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please email me using the Contact Us link on the homepage.

Thanks for using Blastvalve!
Rick Jones