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  • Tradición Prohibida - Giant model balloons feature amazing artwork. Made with only paper, tape and glue. Videos, photos, instructions. Site in Spanish.

  • Solar Balloon How-Tos - Make your own solar-powered hot air balloons out of black trash bags, from 5 feet tall to 10 feet. Also browse and send pictures in the photo gallery, watch videos (including aerial views) and lots more.

  • Accueil - Model Hot Air Balloon Design & Construction - French site for designing and building amateur model hot air balloons. Has detailed pictures, plans, techniques, and schematics for burners, baskets, and balloons. For exchange of ideas between builders, shares construction tips, photos of model balloon meets. Written in French. Aide à la construction, conseils, schemas.

  • Model Balloon Homepage by Michael Bolling - Website for model ballooning has invitations to events, pictures, international database of pilots and balloons, and sells all the little parts that make radio controlled balloons work.

  • Overflite Model Hot Air Balloons, Unmanned Montgolfier UFO Balloons - A birthday candle powered model hot air balloon with links and pictures. Lots of detailed instructions on building and flying lightweight model balloons.

  • Bricolage Modelisme - Very small and cheap radio controlled hot air balloon site, written entirely in French. Click on "Montgolfieres." de bricolage, modelisme:montgolfiere, sous-marins et moteurs.

  • Lesson Plan - Hot Air Balloons model - A lesson plan for 4th-12th graders to build a model hot air balloon that will fly using tissue paper.

  • Mini Ballon RC - Accueil - Model Hot Air Balloon Design & Construction. French site covers building amateur model hot air balloons, construction tips, photos of model balloon meets/festivals, and exchange of ideas between builders. Very nice, written in French. Has parts listings with model numbers, prices, and where to order from.

  • Mobile Airships & Blimps - Manufacturer/operator of indoor and outdoor r/c blimps for advertising at trade shows and sporting events.

  • NASA - Hot Air Balloon Model instruction - Directions on how to make and fly a model hotair balloon. Set up as an educational aid.

  • Quarter Scale Hot Air Balloon plans eBook - Plans eBook detailing the construction of a radio-controlled, quarter scale hot air balloon.

  • Radio Controlled Hot Air Balloons - Specializing in the design & manufacturing of radio controlled hot air balloons, baskets, and burners. Also do aerial photography.

  • Remote Aerial Tripod Specialists - Canadian Remote Controlled Airship/blimp Manufacturer. Very Sophisticated aerial platforms.

  • SCHLEGEL fire balloons - SCHLEGEL fire balloons offers information and photos on model balloons. In English and German.

  • Science behind Hot Air Balloons - A NASA Scientist answers the question: how do model and real hot air balloons work?

  • JB Ballon RC Site: Dedie a la Construction de Mini Montgolfieres RadioCommandees - French site dedicated to radio controlled model hot air balloons. Many interesting things, model ballooning in France, building model balloons, written entirely in French. Fabrication de mini-montgolfiere radiocommandees.

  • Miniballon, Heißluftballon - Miniature hot air balloons prebuilt and ready to fly. Includes special fuel. Shipping free within Germany. Site is entirely in German. Kleiner Heißluftballon zum fahren, Modell eines HeLuBa.

  • Model Balloon Parts - Online catalog of model balloon components.

  • Hobbydirekt Modellbau - German supplier of radio controlled aircraft supplies. Huge selection of RC parts and controllers, no actual balloons though. Prices shown, site in English and German.

  • Ballon Sport Bölling - Information about model balloon meets, catalogs, pictures, plus detailed info on radio controlled balloons and airships. In English, French, and German.


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