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  • Great Eastern Balloon Association - For balloonists in the middle Atlantic states of the US, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Maryland.

  • ...A Balloon Club Resource - A Balloon Club resource and directory of hot air balloon clubs. Check out your local balloon club's website.

  • L'Aérostation à la Française / the French ballooning - La page de l'Aerostation a la Francaise, pour tout savoir sur les ballons et les montgolfieres : manifestations, clubs, instructeurs, comment voler en France...French Ballooning pages with everything about flying in France. In French. Great site.

  • The Arizona Balloon Club - Phoenix area club fosters safety and education in our sport, holds competitions, sponsors safety seminars and holds regular monthly meetings.

  • The Balloon Preservation Group - Formed to preserve the history of modern lighter than air flight and known as a museum with a difference in that its aims are to keep as many of the balloons in the collection active whenever possible.

  • Sri Lanka Association for Ballooning & Airships - The Sri Lanka association for ballooning and airships was formed to promote and facilitate the discipline of lighter-than-air flight (LTA). There are three categories of LTA. They include Hot Air Ballooning, Gas Ballooning, and Airship flying.

  • International Aeronauts League - Global online aviation community dedicated to balloonists and those interested in ballooning. Online discussion forums.

  • John Wise Balloon Society of Central Pennsylvania - Society of hot air balloon enthusiasts in Central Pennsylvania & surrounding states.

  • Lucca Balloon Club - Club based in Tuscany, Italy. Videos of club flights, history, and local weather links. Site in Italian.

  • Sioux Falls Ballooning Association - The Sioux Falls Ballooning Association meets monthly to organize ballooning events in the Sioux Falls area, socialize with other balloonists, and discuss ballooning in South Dakota.

  • Champlain Valley Hot Air Balloon Association - Vermont's balloon club has info on local pilots, balloon festivals, and photos of flying in the Green Mountain State.

  • NOBPA - Hot air ballooning club located in Northeast Ohio. The Northeast Ohio Balloon Pilots Association.

  • Cheyenne Hot Air Balloon Club - A social club of crew and pilots in Wyoming educating its members and the general public on safe ballooning.

  • 3-4-40 Region BBAC - Balloon club based in the Thames Valley, southern England.

  • Aerostation et Ballon à Gaz - French gas ballooning association, founded in 1901 as a non-profit. Charming site, lots of details on gas ballooning in France, including events, history, and pictures. Written entirely in French. Le site de l'association aerostation et ballon a gaz, de la montgolfière, du ballon à gaz.

  • Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association - The largest local hot air balloon club, also known as AAAA. Based in ballooning's world capital, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

  • Antwerp Ballooning vzw - Algemeen - A Belgian balloon club, in German.

  • Association Montgolfiere du Quebec - Quebec, Canada based balloon club offers lots of articles on ballooning in Quebec, a history of ballooning locally and in general, current weather, and membership details. Written in French.

  • Ballongklubben Andrée - Active balloon club in Sweden with historical background. Holds balloon meets annually in February and July. The Andrée Memorial Meet will take place in Granna, Sweden in February.

  • Balloon Association of Greater Illinois - BAGI aims to bring together pilots and potential crew.


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