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BalloonCast Weather Disclaimer

Important, please read:

The balloon weather information is intended to aid in flight planning, but is not the legally required briefing. Use this as a supplement. Easy to use and easy to print. Important data critical to flight safety, such as NOTAMs and Pilot Reports, is not included. Please call 1-800-wxbrief for an official FAA complete briefing. Note that this government number is intended only for pilots.

I am not a meteorologist, only a balloon pilot with an interest in good weather information. This is intended to be a useful weather resource, but there are no guarantees. Much of the weather data is drawn from government computers, and is therefor subject to any flaws in the source. As the NWS states: "Timely delivery of data and products from this server through the Internet is not guaranteed." Additionally there may be errors in the translation algorithm or server operation.

Please note that the source material for current conditions, forecast conditions, and winds aloft is the National Weather Service's METAR, TAF, and FB products, respectively. The three day forecast is derived from the Short-range GFS Model Output Statistics (MAV), also known as the AVN or aviation model. This NWS material incorporated is not subject to copyright protection. The translation and arrangement is copyright by Rick Jones. Additionally some weather graphics are copyrighted by Intellicast.

If you encounter bugs in this website, please write me with the details so I can try to work it out. If the forecast called for rain and you had a drought, you may need to discuss that with the National Weather Service or a higher power.

Thanks for your interest and understanding,

Rick Jones

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